Public entrepreneurs encounter the capital of the winter to listen to investors how to say

in the first half of 2015, the venture capital market encountered two distinct contexts, the first is the upsurge of public entrepreneurship, the media is widely reported in the capital of the winter of second. Equity investment has passed it?



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the number of equity investment institutions in China has been ranked second in the world, second only to the United states. 2014, China’s equity investment accounted for 18% of the global market, China has become one of the world’s most important equity investment market. This is the interface news reporter in September 24th, the 2015 global LP-GP Trade Fair (LP-GP 2015 Global EXP), the data obtained.

Third days after the

Expo September 26th, issued the "State Council Guiding Opinions on accelerating construction of public entrepreneurship peoples innovation support platform". Opinions pointed out that China is currently in a critical period of development of power conversion, accelerate the development of the four public has a very important practical significance and strategic significance.

however, the first half of 2015, the venture capital market encountered two distinct context, is the first public business boom, second is widely reported in the media capital of the winter, especially the impact of the stock market crash, let more people doubt the equity investment outlet is over


at least, from some of the last year, the general situation of the accumulation of funds, is still optimistic. According to the data provided by the Expo organizers investment group, in April 2008, the State Council approved the overall social security investment equity fund shall not exceed 10% of the total capital of the national social security fund. As of the end of 2014, the total assets of the national social security fund management of 15290 billion yuan, therefore, the amount of investment PE is about $152 billion 900 million. As of the end of 2014, the cumulative investment in social security 13 institutions of the fund, a total investment of 35 billion yuan, there are still room for $19, 120 billion.

September 2010, PE floodgates of venture capital investment. July 2012, a total of 10% of the total assets of the venture capital can not be listed equity and equity funds. February 2014, venture capital allows investment VC. September 2015 to support the establishment of venture capital fund. As of June 2015, the total assets of venture capital was 1 billion 143 million yuan, while the actual investment of PE insurance is only $65 billion, there are still the amount of $1 trillion.

Although the

crash cause some short-term impact on the VC/PE industry, but deep venture chairman Ni Zewang believes that the Chinese venture capital industry "golden ten years" the foundation has not changed.

Ni Zewang said in his keynote address, influence of the early two market crash for the venture capital industry is reflected in three aspects: first, the stock market crash caused the IPO pause, VC/PE exit channel narrowed; stock prices fell, the issuance of listed company mergers and acquisitions lead to difficulties, exit channel narrowed. Secondly, the market value of listed companies held by venture capital institutions has shrunk dramatically. >

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