Partnership to dry cleaners to be cautious

entrepreneurship shop, a person’s money is not enough, you can get a few people well, especially in the current environment or to raise the public, which I am afraid that has become a lot of entrepreneurs ideas. However, if the partnership shop, we also need to be careful, or you might be the final and lost two. Below, let Xiaobian introduce a partner to open the dry cleaners the final failure of the case, you can give investors a reference.

partnership cleaners let me rencailiangkong. In 2006, I saw that we have invested in the dry cleaning industry, but also want to open a dry cleaning shop, but at the time suffering from the lack of money on hand, so I think the partnership dry cleaners. At that time, I and my best friend raised 100 thousand to open a dry cleaning shop. I thought the partnership could not only make money but also increase the friendship between us. But later, I found that I was wrong.

my friend and partner in the dry cleaners, to discuss the feeding, the purchase of equipment, decoration problems. In the dry cleaning business, we have different opinions, especially in the purchase of dry cleaning equipment, two people at odds, friends want to buy second-hand machine backward, even with the withdrawal of threat, so I was forced to make a concession. In the actual dry cleaning operation, the failure of the dry cleaning machine has become the fuse between our two disputes, the feelings of friends than before a lot of alienation.

just stumbled through the dry season, after entering the season, the dry cleaners increased a lot of business, profitability has increased a lot. But I found through statistical books, dry cleaners did not increase revenue, at most flat level. Through observation, I found out that my friend was always taking some money from the books, and I had to talk to him several times, but did not make any substantive progress.

dry cleaners with financial difficulties, equipment failure and more frequent, business under the dry cleaners. Friends see dry cleaners have not been much of a promising future, simply breaking the jar smashed, the store valuable things, all moved home, dry cleaners have been unable to face the situation of dry cleaning. So my dry cleaners to this extent, will have to declare bankruptcy, so I advise you to do the best dry cleaners do not partner.

in fact, not only is the dry cleaning industry, in the industry, once the investment partnership, in fact, there will be more or less a problem, a lot of the time, even in the original are good friends eventually head part. So, although venture capital is a good choice, but if you choose to venture partners, but also need to be treated with caution, it is best to start a contract, so there will be protection.

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