Two venture opened a new chapter in the development of Linzi

in the public have been concerned about the new venture, while the two venture began to rise. For the two venture, we should have a correct understanding of how to use the current era of entrepreneurship policy, the right way to carry out entrepreneurship.

"12th Five-Year" period, Linzi District complete 7 economic Park infrastructure, foster the formation of 6 major industrial clusters, the cumulative implementation of 100 million yuan project 197, public budget income, fixed assets investment more than doubled in 2010; launched several rounds of chemical industry comprehensive renovation, completed a total investment of nearly technical 100 billion yuan, the implementation of the national science and technology plan 16; "ten full coverage" to become the province’s model, "17+9" people’s livelihood project comprehensively; has undertaken national reform task 7, the site will be more than 150 times above the level……

in front of the result set up the "zero sense", on a dare to play the spirit of wisdom and grasp the opportunity. In the face of three characteristics under the new normal, "and" four turn "," national public entrepreneurship, innovation "," Internet plus "and other major strategic deployment," two business "is represent the general trend. These years of sustained and rapid economic and social development, regional competition is more intense, the structural contradiction of high growth has become increasingly prominent, "two business" is also the location of. The region’s development to a higher platform, people get a sense of the increasingly high demand, "two business" is the common aspiration of the people.

outlook "13th Five-Year", Linzi district to the "innovation, harmony, green, open, sharing five development ideas throughout the entire process of the" two pioneering ", bring forward a comprehensive well-off society and the" two double ", the innovation and entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial unity play four paths, the maximum sustained release potential, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness.

"two business" to new heights, to be full of hardships and challenge. In order to maximize the power of condensed development, Linzi District proposed the "play" to dare to play, will improve the fault-tolerant mechanism and protection mechanism, to play "fallback"; the full implementation of the "first standard" mechanism, the underlying layers of positioning, to further improve the recommendation, to catch up with the advanced;

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