Operation of maternal and child supplies store location is the key

operating maternal and child supplies stores, want to get a good profit, you need to pay attention to the problem is more, if you want to do a good job in the investment business, then you need to pay attention to what the problem? Site selection, purchase, promotion, etc. need to be taken seriously, Xiao Bian share some experience, I hope to help your business.

Two or three lots of

brand stores maternal and child supplies its products to higher prices, are vulnerable to regional restrictions on the level of consumption, so in the site should pay special attention to the general should in the vicinity of high-grade or mature community. We must protect the interests of the site, reduce operating risks. We can through the district and kindergartens to establish certain cooperation relationship to pull business, the kindergarten is concentrated directly to the consumer, can be used as a kindergarten infant products distributors.

Management of maternal and child supplies stores

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