Nanchang to give a certain recognition of the new trademark

brand certification will be more authoritative brand, market confidence will be better, so each brand attaches great importance to the application of trademark. Nanchang government in order to encourage enterprises to actively apply for trademark certification, the introduction of a new trademark for the special award policy.

13 day, the morning news reported that Nanchang encourage enterprises to implement trademark strategy, the newly identified as China’s well-known trademarks of the enterprise, by the Nanchang municipal finance to give a one-time reward 500 thousand yuan. For the newly identified as Jiangxi famous trademark of the enterprise, given a one-time award by the Nanchang municipal finance 100 thousand yuan.

New identified as "Nanchang famous trademark" enterprises, by the Nanchang municipal government to give a one-time award 50 thousand yuan. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Nanchang market and quality supervision and Administration Bureau, Nanchang has 20 well-known trademarks in China, the effective province famous trademark of the city, the city’s well-known trademarks of 233 pieces. In addition, Nanchang industry and Commerce Department last year to investigate trademark infringement cases 53. Industry and Commerce Department staff suggested that enterprises should enhance the awareness of trademark protection, found that the trademark infringement, should be promptly to the relevant departments for protection.

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trademark is a symbol of the identity of the brand, an enterprise can get recognized what kind of trademark, is it what kind of identity. Of course, the brand with the brand itself has a great reputation for quality, so the most fundamental thing is to do a good job.

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