Recommended ten small business projects

residential area is concentrated, there are many business opportunities. Many friends want to do business in the district shop, but do not want to do good business. Live at home, is most in need of the life of the surrounding these rice tea daily necessaries of consumer goods, so we want to do business in the area also need to consider the characteristics of. Today we recommend the ten district to make money items:

1. fast food restaurant. We are now living standards improved, often go out to eat at home, sometimes do not want to work, there are fast-food restaurants surrounding areas, commuting or eat at home are convenient, we will provide on-site support, if the room service will be more attractive.

2. convenience store. Home life daily necessities daily necessaries tea like less, the area near the open convenience stores selling all kinds of life activities must not worry about not making money in some way, business express business to attract tourists prepaid payment collection.

3. barber shop. Basically what can be saved, but the barber of each family needs to go to the barber shop barber, this demand is second only to eat, drink, sleep sixth needs, never worry about no business!

4. children’s park. Now the parents like the original, put the child out to run, and buddy just now, now we not only care about the health problems of the surrounding environment, but also worried about the safety of their children, a children’s playground, small children had a reassuring stocking, parents give their hands to welcome!

5. pet supermarket. There are many basic pet city district and is no longer a few, each with pets have small pets when their baby, pet daily from clothes to food and cosmetic medical temporary care are the opportunity to make money.

6. fruit and vegetable shop. Residents of fuel is to diet, the so-called family life is a major content of the natural instincts of man, and a diet with fruits and vegetables need to play, one can’t make bricks without straw!

7. nail shop. At home to the United States and the United States, Manicure is not only some beauty beauty is young women leisure places, to Manicure shop Manicure, and chat about the recently popular what area, what’s new, small Manicure shop always empty up!

8. chess room. Not to mention, three of this kind of thing is the most let mahjong fans brains, with the chess room where we do not go back, it will be reported every day, so you want to catch up with them are not going!

9. dry cleaners. Home life is not just to thrift, but also the pursuit of a healthy and fast, dry cleaners have become essential to life will go to a place, do not dry cleaners piled up those beautiful clothes?

10. baby supplies store. Buy a house or a child Chinese one of the main content of life, community never lack of children, pregnant women and infants have good needs to have the baby supplies store, children and women earn money! >

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