Known as the next billion market enterprise class services leaving the space for entrepreneurs

Abstract: with the attention of the domestic giants and capital, enterprise class service market is not only in 2015 outbreak, in the 2016 and even the future will grow rapidly. Although this field and foreign giants have begun to pay attention to BAT and layout, but because it has just started, the opportunity for entrepreneurs will be very large.


2015, the enterprise services market fire.

according to IT orange tracking data show that as of October 31, 2015, there are 259 companies in the field of enterprise service companies, which were voted in this year, there are 56, accounting for more than 22%. According to the China latitude data, 2014 China ToB yuan level business revenue of billions of dollars only one company, but in 2015 has exceeded 10.

in addition to the continuous influx of startups, giant also began to force Ali’s software nail nail for independent division, and will invest 500 million yuan brand promotion expenses; Tencent owned by WeChat enterprise is gradually warming, at the beginning of December the first officially announced its positioning and strategy.

IDG Capital Partners Niu Kuiguang at a sharing meeting, said, in fact, behind the hot 2B, is the trend of current events, but also the common role of careful investment logic brewing." Interestingly, seven cattle cloud storage President Lv Guihua in an interview with the "financial world" also expressed the same view, "a few years ago, the focus of the investment community seems to be in the consumer business, such as the failure rate of more than 90% of the group purchase, the latest O2O. But now, investors are beginning to understand that, in comparison to the consumer movement, which seems to have made a big fortune, in fact, it is a more secure choice."

yes, investors and entrepreneurs are confident, I believe they are standing on the next tuyere.

so, how the enterprise services market in domestic development? How many entrepreneurs in the market space? Today, I will cut into three segments from the enterprise services market in IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, analysis of enterprise services market and how many business opportunities



IaaS: giant into the entrepreneurial space almost no

IaaS, it is a few years ago, if you want to run some enterprise applications in the office or on the company’s website, you need to buy a server, or other expensive hardware to control the local application, make up your business operation. But now there are IaaS, you can outsource the hardware to other places. IaaS will provide off the shelf servers, storage and networking hardware that you can hire. Saving maintenance costs and office space, companies can use these hardware to run their applications at any time.

relatively speaking, Chinese users are more willing to use IaaS cloud computing, and may

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