Heyin hebalheaven and his cattle

have you ever thought of such a miracle? Only a very simple raw materials, the value of only tens of dollars, but it can create tens of millions of wealth, but also provides the best service to the people, do not think this is just a story, Heyin cattle with their own examples, to witness this miracle to the people.

"hebalheaven" store owner named Niu Heyin zongduo, Hebei. In 1995 he began to engage in leather making, 1997 to create "hebalheaven". Niu Heyin surnamed Niu, want to have the character of cattle – eat grass, milk. The resulting "hebalheaven".

1992 of the painting and calligraphy exhibition, Niu Heyin won two first prize of art works. The same year, cattle Heyin entered the Department of Fine Arts in College classes. After seven or eight years, cattle Heyin finally entered the palace of art, when he was 30 years old. He doesn’t want to be a professional painter, and he doesn’t like the style of the academy. In Beijing three years, cattle Heyin high streets and back lanes around the exhibition hall to visit Old Summer Palace, visiting specialty stores, artist village, his personalized way of thinking gradually forming.

"I can’t afford to praise, and find the old man to buy leather, then go to buy to buy leather leather factory, hardware accessories. Constantly changing to do all kinds of things, mainly for their own use. At that time, my salary is only 800 yuan, I come up with $400 per month, to buy Leather Handmade, think of what to do." As long as

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