Wuhou District to build the core area of innovation and entrepreneurship leading the region’s double

if you have a good idea, there are excellent entrepreneurial projects, you can not find venture capital. Innovation and entrepreneurship is the lack of talent, is a good entrepreneurial projects, the ability of entrepreneurs to act quickly!

4 9, a "give it a chance" as the theme of the venture Tianfu · Rong Hui cyanine social innovation special events held in Chengdu Wuhou District moziqiao innovation district. 6 innovative entrepreneurship project site roadshow, attracted over 200 million yuan of intent to invest.

in the public business, the innovation of the moment, since last year, Wuhou actively build "innovation work mode of market leading + government support in the development of a" + ", on the spatial distribution of two nuclear resonance and zone four linkage, more support, and a typical demonstration, advancing the principle, driving, leading the region’s" double ", has made obvious effect.

to build two core Research Institute of innovation and entrepreneurship gathering area and 16 University Alliance

at the same time, the district and the Sichuan University, Sichuan Conservatory Of Music and other 16 universities and research institutes have formed a "moziqiao innovation alliance", in the community and the surrounding blocks and construction of university innovation and entrepreneurship community campus, interactive street, park, campus, community area four.

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