Entrepreneurs say from see not clear not confused

in a few years of entrepreneurial boom, Chinese entrepreneurs have learned from the failure of the rational thinking, the phenomenon of blind investment reduction. But there are still a lot of people have extremely enthusiasm into thousands of entrepreneurs regardless of personal danger in the team, to work hard to achieve their career dreams.

The original

did not see clearly

continue looking for financial support to Yang Beiming said, this time he is the most difficult period of entrepreneurship.

easy source of start-up capital of 1 million, Yang Beiming and venture partners investment. Initial research and development, coupled with office and promotion costs, and now basically run out. He was originally set to start directly from the A round of financing, the amount of about tens of millions, but has now dropped to 8 million.

"seems to be the investment boom, we do not see." Yang Beiming analysis of the reasons for the failure of repeated financing. Initially investors did not see clearly cast so many projects, then most of the failure, investors have become increasingly cautious.

in Zhongguancun Venture Street, Yang Beiming was also looking for a special project and capital docking business of the company, but 3 months intermediary fee of 12 thousand and 800, he can’t afford to call.