Shanghai Lujiazui a new venture will be opened in the year

is located in Shanghai, Lujiazui, a new venture will be opened this year. The majority of customers will have a new development platform, the presence of entrepreneurs can enjoy a lot of entrepreneurial support, an independent business as soon as possible.

8 months later, a 120 thousand square meters of new composite entrepreneurial blocks will be completed in Lujiazui. Reporters recently learned from the first Lujiazui Venture Street Forum was informed that in September this year, Lujiazui venture block will be adopted by the acceptance, the official opening, which is expected to become a new stronghold of young entrepreneurs in shanghai.

"entrepreneurial team failure is the lack of funds, market information, personnel etc.. Entrepreneurial blocks, aimed at entrepreneurs pain points difficult to build a business collaboration platform, will effectively meet the needs of entrepreneurs living, office, business and social needs." Yang Zhiwei, founder of Lujiazui venture block.

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