Live membership marketing Unfamiliar street in the future depends on what money

recently unfamiliar street Q1 earnings release, the quarter net revenue reached $50 million 900 thousand, an increase of 93%; net profit attributable to the unfamiliar street for $12 million 700 thousand, an increase of 35%, two key indicators are superior in concept stocks. I am most concerned about is the change of income structure of Unfamiliar Street: the live service in 2015 each quarter alone did not carry, Q1 reported it generated $15 million 600 thousand in revenue, total revenue accounted for 30.65%, the most powerful source of income in the major broadcast platform is still groping how to live have been realized, for Tang Yan bring real money, the predecessor of unfamiliar street scene business launch time is only half a year, the rapid progress; there is a bright spot, mobile marketing revenue of $12 million 400 thousand, an increase of 104% over the same period last year, the growth rate of only to live.


however, if the calculation of mobile marketing revenue in total revenue in the proportion will find that mobile marketing is no longer unfamiliar street "chief" cash cow: 2015 Q1 to Q4, unfamiliar street mobile marketing revenue accounted for 23%, 22%, the score was 29%, 39%, and Q1 this year, mobile marketing revenue accounted for only 24.36%, this data is less than 30.65% of the live broadcast service. Mobile marketing business in the last year after a brief Q4 become unfamiliar street income boss, soon to be replaced live service. Prior to last year, Q4 accounted for the highest proportion of members booking revenue, but in Q1 grew slowly, an increase of only 14%.

in the five quarter after the listing of the unfamiliar street, street street "chief" has become a cash cow from membership marketing to live, what is it? The unfamiliar street continue to explore new business, strong plasticity, imagination, this is good; the bad side is that income structure unstable mean potential risk. BAT each company has a single stable revenue source: Baidu and Ali are the leading marketing revenue, while Tencent is the value-added services behind the game based, supplemented by advertising. A stable source of income is the basic guarantee of the enterprise, there is blood transfusion, in order to be brave to seek the new world.

is known to all, the Internet is the most fundamental business model only two: value and marketing. After the arrival of the era of content, facing the front of the business model of user charges are rising, so there are three basic models of mobile Internet: value-added + marketing + charges.

unfamiliar street in the future cash cow will be what? In my opinion, the answer is: mobile marketing.

unfamiliar street is a natural mobile marketing platform

Q1 results show that the number of unfamiliar street users has exceeded 200 million, MAU breakthrough of 70 million, second only to Tencent’s social platform of the second. Social and marketing has a close relationship, there are foreign Facebook, Twitter, the domestic Tencent, micro-blog, are relying on the social characteristics of the mainstream mobile marketing platform. Social platform in addition to the basic flow of people, based on the interaction between people to form an interest in the exchange environment for

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