Silver shop purchase channels which

since it is open physical stores, and are operating in kind, it will certainly involve a variety of purchase problems, after all, how can purchase directly affect the business development of the store. This year the development of silver is very hot, silver style novel, diverse styles of young men and women love. Platinum, gold and silver are cheaper. So more and more investors choose to join the silver, shop the most basic guarantee is to have good goods, how to become a key purchase. Here, let Xiaobian to introduce you to a few channels silver shop.

first, directly to the manufacturers direct purchase. Formal manufacturers, generally can be sufficient supply, high credit, more suitable for long-term cooperation. And regular manufacturers are generally able to get the product exchange, reduce risk. But generally speaking, the manufacturers of high volume, not suitable for the small silver shop wholesale customers.

second, silver wholesalers purchase. In the wholesale market in the face of some of the business, but also to adapt to the tide of e-commerce, through a number of platforms to open their own wholesale shop, eliminating the difficulty of picking up the legs of the product. It is worth noting that they mainly to the wholesale, the price must be determined through consultation, and strive to be the price pressure to a minimum, at the same time we must establish good relationship with wholesalers, in a silver jewelry exchange on the problem with the wholesalers so as not to say clearly, days after the dispute.

third, the personality of the alternative small wholesalers purchase. Search the Internet, it is not difficult to find a lot of silver jewelry wholesalers have to do on the Internet, and these small wholesalers are after the transfer, the relative price ratio will be slightly higher, but the style varieties are unique, unlike ordinary big wholesalers, making silver jewelry more conservative. This comparison is not suitable for small quantities of silver jewelry shop.

once the store really run up, if the supply is not enough, for the long-term development of the store will have a very negative impact. So, if you want to get a better store operations, you need to clear the channels of purchase. In short, in the choice of wholesale silver, we must look more research, the final choice of a suitable for their own wholesalers.