Sunrise industry 300 billion market waiting for you to Nuggets

now people want to rise above the common herd can not lose at the starting line. Kindergarten education has been unable to meet the needs of parents for children. In the face of increasingly severe social competition, parents gradually understand the early education plays an important role in cultivating the ability of intellectual development and various children day. Early childhood education to adapt to the future of aging, ahead of the trend.

Analysis of children’s education market:

with the "two-child policy" and the relaxation of the "baby boom" is coming, even in a sluggish economy under the situation of children’s education and training is still optimistic about the experts. China has 230 million children, China’s urban household education spending accounted for 65.5% of household consumption, there are 56.5% of the parents of the children’s education investment as the first, children’s education market can be described as huge potential.

the author then interviewed a parent Ms. Luo, her son was in kindergarten this year. According to Ms. Luo introduced, learned addition and subtraction within 20 when some of the children in the kindergarten, kindergarten can recognize multiple Chinese characters. In addition, the children also on the weekend of art classes, such as the characteristics of the class, more than adults, "busy". The cost of learning is particularly high, Ms. Luo admitted that the child’s consumption in pre-school education, the average monthly more than a few thousand dollars."

speaking on the choice of public kindergarten or private kindergarten, Ms. Luo bluntly: if enough money, will choose the choice of public, private kindergarten is compelling, at least let me see the kindergarten education qualification, after all, and the child education than Yagen, money is not a problem.

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