Open shop can not touch the bane of Guilin Rice noodles

although the food and beverage market in many types of snacks, but a lot of diners or for Guilin rice is very loving, so open a Guilin rice noodle shop, is a good way to start a business. So, this one which can not touch the bane?


if 100 square meters storefront, daily water did not increase to 10%, while the cost of rent, the cost of water will increase 20% – 30%, the net profit will be reduced by []. If you open forty or fifty square meters of shops, rent and other costs can be reduced by 20% – 30%, but the average daily water because of the low volume of customers, will be reduced by about 40%. If a big front, initial investment increased, obviously it is not the number of grassroots investors can afford.

the snack bar has a characteristic, is not a real chef. Because they are basically a couple store, the store staff is also brought from the home of young people. The basic standard is in the kitchen cooking, her husband, wife in front of accounts, if the husband age is too big to cook, so the kitchen "main spoon" is not the son of the owner, is the nephew like, there may be a master.


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