How to choose the store to open glasses store investment

now myopia patients increasing demand for glasses is very large, so open a shop is an investment project has great market prospects, the key is to find a good store, so, how to choose the open shop store? Select the store to pay attention to what?

first, and now is optimistic about business site selection than the near future will change from the cold heat, but has not yet been optimistic about the shop, shop location cost so low, the potential commercial value of large. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the development of urban construction will bring what kind of change.

Second, near the big companies and big enterprises on one side of the street. On the one hand, because the user can become a customer, on the other hand, because the customer has been easy to introduce to others, it is easy to guide others to patronize.

Third, near the place would be increased. The development of residential areas, the establishment of new institutions, will be added to the store customers, so that the future development of more potential.

Fourth, choose the operating direction of complementary shop for the neighbors. As a children’s clothing store near a clothing store for women, but not close to the repair shop or bar, because the direction of management and coordination around the store, it is easy to shop nearby customers has become the store customer.

fifth, select the store location, attention should also be paid to the shop where building sales, display, storage and other facilities is in line with the business requirements, the orientation of the building is less affected by climate, in order to reduce spending in business.

sixth, select the store location on both sides of the same street with traffic, high visibility, traffic is not easy to plug position is preferred.

seventh, sometimes with good business direction to choose shop location, as the first place of business to find a place moderate, more reasonable price, and then determine a potential development direction of management according to the local conditions.


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