Tang Jun you Out Once the working emperor has been overwhelmed by entrepreneurial tide

Abstract: Although Tang Jun bluntly, entrepreneurial success probability is not high, there are many options for life in addition to entrepreneurship. But this does not seem to be recognized after 90 entrepreneurs, but also bluntly: I think you Out! Like your era of entrepreneurship is burdened with food and clothing problems, and now we are to achieve 90 entrepreneurial dream."


he was also regarded as the first generation of China’s network of red, everywhere speech, show off, and his only capital is to rely on their own in the working world to fight a work emperor aura. Wearing the ring, he also glory for several years, but now, in the wave of entrepreneurship, Anhuixiaochen. He is Tang Jun, do you remember, or have you heard of


working emperor’s resume:

joined Microsoft as a software engineer in 1994;

in 1997, returned to the formation of Microsoft Greater China technical support center;

2001, the center has upgraded to support center, global support center for Asia, Tang Jun not only served as president of global support center, and served as president of Microsoft joint venture company – Shanghai minimally invasive positions;

2002, Tang Jun served as president of Microsoft China,

2004, Tang Jun to honor the status of China’s life as president of Microsoft retired from Microsoft, and served as president of Shanda;

2008, with one billion astronomical transfer Xinhua;

in 2013, resigned from the post of president of Xinhua, Hong Kong and Macao, President and CEO.

Tang Jun is an ordinary clerk in many Microsoft engineers, to become the general manager of Microsoft, President of Microsoft global technology center, Chinese District Shanda president, became the most famous Chinese highest paid occupation managers, the use of very strong during the occupation skills.

in the early days of Microsoft, Tang Jun said, compared with other employees of Microsoft, I was the worst in terms of technology. If I technically compete with them for many years, I was an ordinary employee, a senior engineer at most do. Therefore, my train of thought is to avoid and their positive competition in technology, take the difference of competitive routes". To this end, he continued to use their wisdom and efforts to change their own destiny, step by step on the throne of the working emperor.

if you want to tell, he is how to step by step to become a working emperor, an article is not enough. However, now people may have no interest in this.

entrepreneurs bluntly: Tang Jun, you Out!


, Tang Jun participated in a program when, by 90 Entrepreneurs: "would rather do poineering provocative beggar, is not willing to do work emperor!" although Tang Jun bluntly, the probability of success is not high, but there are a lot of life in addition to choose entrepreneurship. But it doesn’t seem to be 90>

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