What do you do when a customer asks about cigarettes

for any retail business, in the course of the actual operation of the business can always encounter a variety of situations. In addition to the relatively high rate of error, our retail households may also encounter such a situation, that is, in cigarette sales, encountered some special customers, they are very particular about the quality of cigarettes. If there is a little unusual, there may be a voice of doubt.

retailer Song Guizhi said: "they have experienced such a situation, in the spring of 2012, a young man surnamed ho in my shop were bought two bales of hard Chinese, he smoked after unpacking, soon find back said:" it’s not right. A lot of insisted that cigarettes, to compensate me the loss. ". In fact, I have been in the county company into the smoke, how can there be false? I have repeatedly explained that he didn’t believe me to call the company, please send them to identify, "never heard this guy said it." Now I know, this guy is trying to cheat me.

and the winter of 2013, a middle-aged man surnamed Ge to my shop to buy a general Anhui, while running back said: "this is not the smoke smell, cigarettes." I took the smoke to see smoke code, and I really agree. So I put the client manager to teach me the impact of tobacco smoke to the general situation of several details, such as physical condition, personal feelings and thoughts and emotions, etc.. After my patience to explain, he said that the recent cold sick, it also has some understanding.

comments: customers have questioned, this is not a big problem for retail households, the key lies in how to properly handle. In short, in the process of cigarette sales, retailers will inevitably encounter some customers may have doubts about cigarettes. This requires a strict entry into the purchase of households, not privately into the purchase, to ensure the quality of cigarettes. Two to properly store the store cigarettes, to ensure that not moldy. Three encounter customers questioned to give a reasonable explanation, eliminate customer concerns. Four it is necessary to ask tobacco companies professionals to help.

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