How to deal with the short board new staff manager

believe that we have heard of the short board theory, whether it is a business, or a shop, if there is a short board staff, then this business or shop is also difficult to operate. For beauty salons, some of the growth rate of new employees is really slow, in a certain time to become a beauty salon short board". As a manager how to do this part of the staff training?

F beauty salon in order to reserve talent, more than 10 new recruits. After the pre job training, these newcomers were placed in different positions. A month later, and did not appear to be a good sales situation, the beauty salon business volume is not increased. This puzzled the manager. After an investigation, the manager found the new clerk uneven in quality despite some new staff, strong ability to have begun to create performance for the beauty salon, but there is a part of poor, weak ability, work attitude of staff in the marketing activity appears again and again mistake, not because of bad service complaints. Because of the lack of professional knowledge can not meet customer’s information needs, some customers think the beauty salon service quality is too poor, also caused some old customers.


of the beauty salon in the "short board" position staff training system, improve their ability to perform their duties, heightening the "height" and "water" to increase the team effective way. Disadvantages of negative advantages, disadvantages determine life and death, this is the cruel rule of market competition. Store managers should learn to use the "cask law" to the management team: if there is a "short board" and the collective will be out of the team, then you will have its "long up" as soon as possible, otherwise he will always hold you back. Of course, even the shortest board is a useful part of the organization, and can not give up or throw away. Weakness is relatively speaking, can not be eliminated, the manager should do is to stimulate the short board change long board, so that you can go hand in hand with the team, play 1 + 1 + 2 role. In other words, only let all the board to maintain a high enough height, in order to fully embody the spirit of the team, to play a full role, so that the bucket full of water.

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