Science and technology leaders have joined the ranks of nternet technology entrepreneurship

Internet entrepreneurial tide hit, everyone in front of such a fast forward stroke. A group of technical scientists to join the field of Internet entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship for the development of the current increase in important technical weight.

"in the Microsoft research institute more than and 10 years technical achievements in the field, and used in the hardware design, the chip design experience, and management of the technical team, in the cultivation of innovators, I think I have accumulated enough experience, now is the time to return." As a scientist at Microsoft Research Asia, the founding team of Li Shipeng, explaining why he joined Comtech core city as CTO says. In the opinion of Comtech core city Comtech core city CEO Kang Jingwei, need to have stronger technology platform, today to help young innovative entrepreneurs, as Li Shipeng has nearly two hundred world patent scientists, is undoubtedly the most important guarantee.

"(Microsoft Research Asia) these people than in these people with greater contribution." Kingsoft CEO Zhang Hongjiang on the role of scientists to join the Internet Co is that scientists themselves on the patent and the ability to solve problems will bring great impetus to technology companies.

this view, 18 international informatics Olympic gold medal match and the former Sohu CTO Wang Xiaochuan quite agree, he said the technology innovation is the main impetus to advance the sogou. It is therefore, in the days before Sogou search announced the depth of cooperation and knowledge recommendation

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