Heaven ice cited suspected aircraft fuselage condensate ice berserk fall

is a little rain during the Qingming under normal weather, hail is a difficult encounter weather phenomenon, Yibin city in the days of ice induced berserk, which is going on? Let’s take a look at it!


4 morning at 7:50 PM, Yibin City Pingshan County Longxi township people within the village to drop a piece of hundreds of pounds of ice suspected white objects, the local meteorological department concluded that the suspected aircraft fuselage condenses into ice fall.


it is reported that Tomb-sweeping Day and Pingshan County local weather, no other extreme weather. The unidentified object also need to be able to determine the scene to see, do not rule out the aircraft fuselage condensation ice. Longxi Township People’s village location relatively remote, according to local villagers, before the incident occurred and no special circumstances.


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