nventory problems encountered in the hot pot industry

food, is the people of heaven. Therefore, people will pay attention to eat, along with the development of modern society, Hot pot industry is also increasingly prosperous, but with his growing, it will inevitably encounter various problems, let us check.

as an employee Hot pot to join, he is most concerned about the most want to know, the first is Hot pot chain enterprise happen every day in what and what will happen in the future. Without this information, the staff can not find the direction of work would not be able to continue to work, managers often ignore the communication with the staff, too confident everything under his control, in fact, communication is a bridge, a bridge connecting the heart and the heart, let us closer to the heart.


when the workers and leaders used to the single mode of communication, employees will naturally closed up their own ideas gate, seriously affected the enterprise culture and the morale of the team, the bottom-up communication is prone to information compression effect, leading to senior managers do not understand this situation, make the wrong decision. Further development for the excellent staff more and more difficult to find, job hopping rate is getting higher and higher.

examples in the Hot pot stores much like the stars in the reform of the enterprise, although people think the design scheme is perfect, but in the implementation have been inconsistent, a measure has not announced very difficult to carry out the implementation so as to raise a Babel of criticism of. Although the meeting continuously, but became only for the meeting, indecisive; mutual responsibility between departments and staff, negative emotions, Hot pot stores managers do not accurately reflect the situation, causing more serious short-term behavior of employees in conflict.

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