Capital winter the 6 entrepreneurial areas are still hot

Abstract: as people’s living standards become more affluent, Internet consumption upgrade, a large number of idle hand chop party crazy shopping, directly spawned the idle economy". Plus the sharing economy is popular, so that consumers with idle, awareness of the rise of the use of idle resources.


recently, the winter capital much talk, but not the capital level of money, but the lack of well worth the investment project. Internet market is huge and complex, not all of the projects are in the winter stage, there are still many promising areas of concern.

1, based on shared economic model of personal services to individuals

PWC estimates that the next ten years the market share of the economy will increase to $335 billion. At present in the domestic share of the economic momentum is good, the travel field gradually scale, predict the future direction of development, mainly in the real car such as the value of idle resources and relatively standardized and human services based on two directions. In fact, the current share of the economy is actually sharing personal skills, facilities and idle time. Based on the different service areas, can be broadly divided into things, food, housing, travel, skills, materials and other aspects of the whole, to share the future of the economy in many areas of the country are likely to be practical.

on behalf of the project: I have -app

I have a personal time and skills of the transaction platform. Users can locate the release of the current demand for help, and through a paid reward to attract strangers to provide effective help. It is understood, I will open a new one in years, will allow users of their skills, interest in the price tag according to the time to charge. Will do manual, love photography, chat, sing good…… As long as can sell their proficiency in a particular line, and in his spare time, this will be very good to improve social enthusiasm of users.

future trends: the sharing of economic transactions will be extended to the daily necessities, office supplies, scattered labor and other more detailed areas.

2, commercial WiFi field

as the bottom of the O2O entrance, commercial WiFi is recognized as the next Internet outlet. Commercial WiFi is playing an increasingly important role in the completion of the O2O closed-loop. After solving the problem of equipment layout, WiFi network security, data security and other issues, the realization of commercial WiFi industry as a whole concern.

on behalf of the project: a key WiFi open platform

a key WiFi open platform for mobile developers focused on providing a stable free WiFi function, is a APP can give a key to connect free WiFi SDK products. A key WiFi open platform has been integrated, including operators WiFi, commercial WiFi, crowdsourcing WiFi 120 million hot spots. At this stage and mobile phone QQ, Tencent mobile housekeeper, WiFi>

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