The name of the city was halted due to exaggerated

is probably in order to attract customers, let customers have a more profound impression, resulting in a lot of shops now. Very exaggerated, some are walking a fine line, not punished, and some directly was stopped, the tea shop in this article is the case.

The name

for shocking overnight popularity of the Chengdu tea shop temporarily not open, on the morning of 12, Chengdu City Road Dacisi newly opened "milk tea shop try before marriage" by Jinjiang District law enforcement officers to investigate. The tea shop for a license, ordered to immediately suspend the controversial name, tea has been blocked up.

under the supervision of the business sector, Ceng Weijian tea shop signs were blocked, the door of the shop also pulled down half of the above posted on the no longer in the words. But Ceng Weijian is not convinced, he said: "I do not think the name is like the Internet so yellow so violent, I have seen the name of milk tea. Why big breasts can, ‘Premarital milk’ is not?"

but he also said that he would go through the relevant formalities tomorrow, for an early legal license to continue operating. Law enforcement officials also made it clear that, like the pre trial milk, the name must not be approved. "This controversial and ambiguous name will affect the image of the city."

many shops in the name it, only think of themselves, as everyone knows, this name has a great effect on the whole society. If you just hold a moment of luck, you can name it, but want to develop for a long time, the shop name when you need to be cautious.

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