Teastory emperor tea market prospects

to say that the sale of tea market prospects? Look at the following data set to introduce you know. According to the investigation of China imperial tea market, the mainland market in 2012 China beverage production and sales have exceeded the modulation of nearly 90000 tonnes a year high point number! China beverage market with nearly 25% annual growth rate of linear growth, which is global sales lead imperial tea tea, is still one of the light drink industry on the fast development of the market.

teastory Huang tea with fresh tea leaves and mellow raw milk, with standard production process and strict time to grasp, make tea and milk flavor full integration, to bring customers a new experience


teastory Huang tea boutique tea boiled out of tea, with the production process standards and strict time to grasp, make tea and milk flavor fully integrated, to bring customers a new experience! "Zero, zero, add pigment, natural raw leaves, safe dairy products, water purification, special transfer is adjustable, the industry benchmark the quality of


teastory Huang tea mousse with temptation series, special coffee series, grain Zhenxiang series, live music series, jade Jane stuffed health series, classic tea series products, to meet the needs of different consumers, well received.

milk tea and sweet encounter, will produce a sweet milk flavor and taste of tea in Qin spleen, drink at the same time, teastory Huang tea adhering to the philosophy of life: live healthy! Blend of high quality milk and raw tea in the tea leaf extract, milk is rich in protein and other nutrients senior.

a cup of tea for you to bring organic nutrition health, a happy life for you. Teastory royal tea, health in that, happy in that, you can not miss the delicious drink. Teastory royal tea, organic scientific health, to create a happy life. The hot market is pregnant with unlimited business opportunities, teastory emperor tea investment project invites you to join, win-win health wealth.

has been interested in the teastory emperor tea to join you, do not forget to leave a message at the bottom of our website, the latter will have staff contact you to provide more detailed information for your reference.

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