Which small businesses have the most market prospects in 2012

2012 years, many people invest in entrepreneurship, a lot of people have aimed at the small entrepreneurial projects market, but what small business has a good market prospects? Today, with full network Xiaobian a look together.

handmade gift, a small gift given with a big heart, today, most people’s intimate handmade gifts, business opportunities in this area very much.

handmade leather in this industry, some friends like, some friends is to keep the business opportunities. Pure love is the most comfortable: purchase of tools and materials according to the production of their own mood like design, after completion or appreciation or with friends, and some friends both as a pleasurable occupation approbation of life vividly leather.

to set up shop friends we have some advice:

the first step, do a happy hand skin artist

first put the mentality of the craft worry about personal gains and losses, good, look forward to start, step back is a hobby, and all good.

Is a thousand yuan

second step, a manual DIY booth

leather by hand to business friends can make a small investment, rent a booth or counter.

There are three

own site of skin art works;

Some of the consumers with customized


own tool to use this material, generally have, can add some more professional tools;

II as commodity sale tool material, it may be a small number of attempts, the level of consumption in different regions is not the same, to thousands of yuan of goods can be, Mozhun local consumer psychology after another to add


the booth rent.

third step, a handmade leather goods store



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