Tongguanshan District of Anhui city in Tongling Province and actively create good environment for i


innovation and entrepreneurship has become the tide of development of the times, however, whether to make a career, naturally also need to be related to the relevant policies of the local government. Tongguanshan District of Anhui city in Tongling Province, and actively create a more suitable innovation environment, let the local entrepreneurial career got better development.

in promoting regional economic development process, Tongguanshan District of Anhui city of Tongling Province on the five major development, and vigorously promote the concept of innovation, system innovation, technological innovation, cultural innovation, and accelerate the formation of innovation as the main leading and supporting the economic system and mode of development, and actively create innovation and entrepreneurship leading area, further enhanced the urban comprehensive competitiveness.


area to firmly establish production integration of the city development concept, to create a national high-tech zone actively, go to production Xingcheng, to the city of poly production, production integration of the city development, accelerate the transformation from industrial park economic production Park single to comprehensive economic city. Focus on building copper manufacturing, pipeline valve, rail transportation support for the equipment manufacturing industrial park, photovoltaic industrial park electronic information, relying on the photovoltaic and bearing Park Innovation Construction Technology Park, building three Garden District Industrial layout.

improve infrastructure, enhance the capacity of the park. Improve the carrying capacity of the park, optimize the development environment of the park, promote the innovation of the management system and mechanism, optimize the work flow, improve the efficiency, realize the management of the park management. "13th Five-Year" at the end, the scale of industrial enterprises exceeded 60, above the provincial level high-tech enterprises 50.

at the same time, the efforts to enhance the capability of independent innovation, developing innovative economy, encourage enterprises to declare national high-tech enterprises and intellectual property rights, to develop a network of Crowdsourcing, collaborative design and manufacturing, precise customization, supply chain management, lifecycle management and other new business models, organizational mode and management mode; encourage leading enterprises in Entrepreneurship and incubation, foreign mergers and acquisitions integration, driven by supporting the development of industrial agglomeration. To encourage scientific and technological enterprises, professional team, technical talents to patent products, patent technology, research cooperation, promote enterprises through joint development, commissioned by the development, technology purchase and other forms to enhance the core competitiveness of products.

supports the development of public space. To promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation, focus on creating a number of public record space, create science and technology, finance, consulting, training and integration of the business environment, the establishment of innovation ecosystem composed of innovative enterprises, innovative talents, financial innovation, innovation incubators, innovation policy. Plan to 2020, the region to create a public space, such as more than 20 new incubators, hatching more than 10 companies, gathering all kinds of innovative entrepreneurial talent over 1000 people.

in addition, the district relies on Colleges and universities, social education institutions, intermediaries and other educational resources, recommend