8 effective methods to save health network female breast ptosis

1, insist on wearing a bra

postpartum sagging breasts will from the lactation start bra, if you don’t wear a bra, it will only make the chest free development, more and more pendulous, especially in walking and other chest concussion severe, sagging situation will be more obvious.

bra can be worn on the breast to support the role of adjustment, but also to promote blood circulation and milk secretion, but also enhance the disease resistance of the breast, to protect the skin from damage by friction.

in addition to wearing a bra when you have to choose the size of their own and have the style of steel, according to the correct way to wear a bra to wear, so that the chest will look more plump.

2, not dieting to lose weight

because some new mothers want to quickly lean down, it will choose a diet method, but the consequences of dieting is to make the breast adipose tissue involvement, but let the smaller breasts. It takes a year or so to get back to shape, so don’t rush to lose weight by dieting.

3, breast massage

massage the chest in every night before going to bed. With one hand index finger, middle finger and ring finger close together and put them in the breast, the nipple as the center point, a direction and a circle clockwise from the outside to the inside of the breast massage, on both sides of the breast 10 times each, can promote blood circulation, enhance the chest breast nutrition absorption effect.

4, lactation correct feeding

in lactation mothers should take proper nursing way of feeding alternately on both sides of the breast, if the baby breast milk in eat, then you should use a breast pump to the other side of the breast milk suction, so you can keep the same size on both sides of the breast when feeding, also try not to let the baby hold pull the nipple, and avoid the occurrence of mastitis.

5, eat lean meat and eggs


form of estrogen secretion will be better after the increase in the breast, vitamin B is the main component of the synthetic estrogen, vitamin E is the main regulator of estrogen, so you should eat some foods rich in vitamin B and vitamin E, such as meat, egg, milk, soybean, peanut, grape, sesame etc..

6, breast exercise

is the most effective method of breast health movement, so the new mothers may often in postpartum breast exercises to exercise chest muscle, so you can make the breasts more plump and strong, just need breast exercises for a long time, requires great endurance.

7, bath breast

breast with shower bath every day in shock, recommended for hot and cold water alternately, which can effectively stimulate the skin of the chest, and thus can promote the blood circulation of the breast.

8, other methods


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