Metro adorable boy adorable personal data such as full exposure

handsome is the focus, probably because of a photo, a video can be popular, so now the network is more and more red. Recently, there are subway adorable boy laughed, and even his girlfriend’s micro-blog have been exposed!


4 5, female users through micro-blog upload two pictures on subway candid boy in the photo, and revealed that the opposite boys are good, but I didn’t think the boy looked up to her smile. The boy in the picture is pretty and handsome. This photo after the rapid exposure of the network burst red network, and attracted all onlookers hot.

this group of handsome sunshine boy after the photo exposure, quickly burst of red in the network, many users have onlookers and hot, the message said: "feel good adorable!" "heart smile, straight to the heart!" there are users found as a young version of Benny Chan, more netizens think "very adorable smile boy sitting woman" in this regard, the boy also responded by micro-blog, and the sun and his girlfriend hand photo, since Kan said: "I am sorry straight, too many people ask, although I find myself sitting very."

it is reported that the Southeast University performing arts department at the age of 18, 000 Jialin, handsome appearance is called Southeast University jiaocao, height 178CM, is interested in acting, had been invited on the show variety show. This is because PO Internet users in the network, the explosion of red, 000 Jialin was very surprised myself, that causes a lot of social tools stolen. 000 Jialin has handsome appearance and hobby show would be the brokerage company signed, exposes the idol is Eddie Peng.


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