New business opportunities for science and technology computer tailor shop

is not a stranger to the tailor’s profession, after all, the clothes or the tailor’s work, but have you heard of the use of science and technology, using a computer to tailor the shop? Do not be surprised, this is indeed a business opportunity, and let Xiaobian bring you together!

Analysis of

business to do: first, let the customer through the computer choose their favorite clothing styles, and then use the digital camera will figure image input to the computer computer customers, "try". Then the size of the customer input, use a printer or plotter automatic printing pattern, you can copy processing.

Investment advice:

configuration computer, digital camera, scanner, printer or plotter and other hardware equipment, investment of about 20 thousand to 30 thousand yuan. Of course, the best thing to do is to find a computer tailor shop to find a set of professional software, today’s popular software AutoCAD.

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