Huaian city electricity supplier to start the green light

e-commerce is one of the most accessible platform for China’s Internet economy, every year a large number of new electricity supplier entrepreneurs. The government has also launched a number of preferential measures for the electronic commerce market, Huaian in the implementation of the public entrepreneurship, the spirit of innovation, under the premise of the electricity supplier entrepreneurs give the green light.

1~6 month, the city’s e-commerce transaction volume of 8 billion 721 million yuan, an increase of 50%, of which the network retail sales of 2 billion 726 million yuan, an increase of 80%; above scale enterprises express business volume 16 million 905 thousand and 900, an increase of 66.15%, the business income of 217 million yuan, an increase of 56.39%; in Taobao, Tmall platform, the network seller of about 9000, growth of 72%. And doing business in the B2B business platform, HC and other Alibaba registered more than 8 thousand enterprises, new enterprises, the production of online retail trade circulation enterprises 126; 2 new provincial e-commerce demonstration base, the newly approved 2 provincial-level e-commerce business model, the newly approved 2 provincial electricity supplier training base, approved 2 new a provincial e-commerce demonstration county into the rural areas and 3 village electricity providers.

on the industrial and commercial registration online merchants, can meet the conditions by the community sector directly identify the network business, as well as the real economy enjoy business loans and discount, the first venture business subsidies, rent subsidies, subsidies and other entrepreneurial venture to promote employment series of preferential policies; Huaian City People Club departments to carry out pioneering work characteristics of the project "to create activities within the city, currently the city has built e-commerce Industrial Park 3 full-featured, Huaian post is the construction of cross-border e-commerce Industrial Park 10 projects, the entrepreneurship carrier characteristics; conform to the new trend of" Internet plus ", relying on the city’s educational resources, the introduction of Huapu square, billion soil science and technology brand entrepreneurship training project in Huaian, a total of 1.2 college students completed business simulation training recommended

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