What are the names of the gift shop notice


said to a shop name will have a related method, however, is only, if should pay attention to the notice, want to have a proper name in fact also has a lot of difficulties. So, what are the names of the gift shop?

1, what are the names of the gift shop? Foreigners are easy to pronounce, easy to express in English (such as "that company" can be translated into "VenaCompany")

2, a gift shop name and image of the industry all things will make people feel the contradiction (company name "scripture", is to sell products, fitness equipment, will give people the feeling very contradictory)

3, what are the names of the gift shop? The meaning of the beautiful mood, in line with the company image ("Chanel" the mood is very suitable for its gorgeous corporate image? Gift shop name, nice gift shop name

4, and other similar gift shop name is not on the same street (not to confuse "Fu Lin", "Yong Lin", "Qing Lin", it would be chaos?


5, what are the names of the gift shop? Sound read will be very easy to read, easy to remember (called a "dragon", another is called "Ding Yu", it is easier to remember?


6, a second, immediately let people know what to sell goods (such as "Cihang company", "Pu Ji company", it is easy to think of Buddhist activities)

for any shop name, we only pay more attention to the details, so as to let the store have a proper name, and to attract more consumers. So, if you give the gift shop name, the attention of the above attention?

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