s it really Chinese Valentine’s day

about the Qixi Festival, many people think that this really belongs to Chinese Valentine’s day, so, on this day, on the road everywhere holding flowers love between men and women, a variety of shops packed, crowded cinema. However, the Tanabata Festival really is the Chinese Valentine’s day?

Tanabata Festival origin

The Qixi Festival

, also known as Qi Qiao Festival, Qiqiao day or seven sisters Festival, the festival comes from the legend of the Cowherd and the weaver, celebrated in the 7th day of the seventh month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Because this day of the main participants in girls, and the festival of the content is to Qiqiao, so people called it a "Festival" or "girl’s Day", "daughter festival".

see no!!! The main players are girls!!! Daughter’s day"!!! So it’s not Valentine’s day!!!

Tanabata Festival is a single women’s day

Chinese in ancient times, the Qixi Festival single woman is the most happy day, even the Spring Festival, many women may not wear new clothes to go to the house, home use general zouqingfangyou man only in ancient times, the Qixi Festival, single woman can be dressed up, going out openly with the sisters, play party.

in the Western Han Dynasty palace ladies may not be advocated any love, so the connotation of the Qixi Festival is the earliest Qiqiao, recognition of women’s wisdom of women on this day show embroidery, sewing craft skills.

the Qixi Festival spread to people after being added to the family such as love, desire, even with the connotation of reading, advocate writing, such as Liu Yiqing’s "Shishuoxinyu" mentions in the July 7th sun Book fragments of everyone. Although the Tanabata Festival Customs around the world, has not changed since ancient times is to beg the woman Qiao Hui, the main.

Tanabata Festival custom

should be the daddy longlegs 15

and little sisters gathered in the courtyard, catch the fine spider webs to make a good beginning.

worship Vega

five or six little sisters in the moonlight bottom table, put on the table, tea, wine, fruit (longan, red dates five, hazelnut, peanut, melon seeds) and other offerings; gave fresh flowers on the red paper, insert the bottle, flower lead a small incense, little sisters as before after burn incense to worship together. Sitting at the table, while keguazi, while wishing to Weaver empress, pretty little hope ah, bless marry a wishful Lang ah.

needle. Check

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