Wang Sicong gave his first appearance on the screen a tiny smile

Wanda childe Wang Sicong recently in micro-blog said he had given the screen debut, in the movie, a smile is very popular in the guest, the film starring AngelBaby and Jing Bairan.

movie "smiled very little" adapted from the novel of the same name, the story of a university influential man Xiao Nai and shellfish in the game slightly acquaintance, in reality love story. Actress (reed tiny) shell tiny is a brilliant flowers, and calm handsome actor, Xiao Nai (a game master is how to laugh) thousands of young girls heart harvest high Lengnan God, all users in the eyes of "the most classic charm of the role characters" list first, have high the popularity of the network.

Baby and Jing Bairan played the role of super popular, the drama of the two computer game master "Xiao Nai" and "Bei Wei" in order to honor the "about"". This is also the 2 after the city in love, after a lapse of 6 years for the first time to cooperate with the identity of the star.

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