How many Chinese fast food franchise Su off fee is a

Chinese fast food market attention with two words summed up bursting are difficult to exact. The fast food market for Chinese fast food only, ninety percent of the market share, let foodservice operators want to use this good momentum to make a fortune, so what are you waiting for? Su off a large number of attractive investors attention in the market by consumers. So how fast do you want to join the fast food? Let’s make a small talk about Su – fast food franchise fees related content, I hope you can help.

Sue Chinese fast food is how much?

Su Ke catering, was founded in 2005, is a Chinese fast food based catering chain enterprises. Companies adhering to the "customer first, quality first" business philosophy, has in Nanjing, Wuxi, Suzhou, Zhenjiang, Huaian and other places successy opened dozens of stores. At the same time to improve the operation and management of the various stores, the formation of a set of advanced management concepts and management system. Relying on its new business model, advanced business philosophy and rich experience in food and beverage, the company has become a banner of Chinese food and beverage.

to join the cost as long as a few million, joined the headquarters of strong support to provide shop location support, decoration support, logistics support, business support and other support, so that franchisees can easily open.

Su off basic to Home Dishes, nearly more than and 30 varieties, are themselves able to burn out in the kitchen, relatively light taste, vegetables, fish and meat, no expensive ingredients are side dishes, in addition to several Rice porridge, soup and Steamed Rice. Dishes and bowls are not large, the rice is not enough free yourself, this method of operation can effectively prevent the waste, dinner guests will be more moderate, prices are not expensive, the highest 6 yuan of minced chicken, the cheapest 4 yuan of tofu, rice and Rice porridge is not limited is 2 yuan, a meal at least 4 yuan can eat, very cost-effective.

Su off fast food chain is developed in recent years, brand positioning is more successful, with less cost for the development of high speed, high speed and the development of the city, people increasingly fine division of labor background inseparable, this model is a kind of fast copy mode, only need to be followed, because not every place is good, so, when Su off scale is more and more big, his costs will decline, profits will increase. Competitors in the market has not yet appeared in large numbers, is a very promising franchise brand!

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