How to protect the breast sagging you need some Nirvana health network

breast ptosis is a lot of women feel awkward things, which let them walk on the road are afraid to lift their heads. As long as other people’s eyes sweep here will feel is not the same as their own chest. It is true that if the breasts sag, then this will give the woman’s beauty greatly reduced points, how can we let the chest to maintain a strong non sagging it?

insist on giving yourself a massage

chest massage is an important means to prevent breast sagging, the girls can give a little massage his chest every day, such as four fingers close together, hands in different places of alternating massage, while another massage is to put their hands on the lower part of the chest, to the top of a support bracket. This can effectively maintain the chest tall and straight.

choose the right bra

bra is a necessary thing for women, it is very large, and can play a protective role in the breast, but also to fix the chest, with the role of landscaping. But in the selection of the bra should pay attention to the selection of the appropriate, if too small, then it will squeeze the chest, causing blood circulation, if too large, the effect of fixation on the chest is not.

pay attention to other living things

want to protect the breasts do not sag, then a very important thing is to pay attention to some of the habits of life, such as do not smoke and drink, smoking and drinking will have a negative impact on the breast. At the same time to pay attention to diet in order to lose weight, not only eat vegetables instead of meat, if the long-term eating does not make up the meat, then not only will cause breast ptosis but also lead to smaller breast.

how to protect the breast ptosis is a simple work, because in life only slightly bad habits, it will cause the breast ptosis or smaller, so it requires us to pay attention to some details of life, can be appropriate to do some massage and nursing care of breast

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