Shop to do business safety management is the most important

what is the most important for any shop? The answer may be different for each shopkeeper, but for small series, in fact, the security is really important thing. Recently, the explosion at a fireworks factory in Henan Tongxu County, Zhejiang Hangzhou City, a gas tank truck explosion caused a fire. These accidents again give people a "wake-up call": safety than days, responsibility weightier than Mount Tai.

has more than a few days to celebrate the new year. Every year the Spring Festival approaching, fireworks production, road transportation, food safety and other industries into the high incidence of accidents. For security topics, who will not feel strange, can be described as "year after year, talk about every month, every day grasping". Safety is the safety consciousness but emphasize a commonplace talk of an old scholar, too, must always firmly grasp grasping strict, nip in the bud, to ensure the safety of.

as a cigarette retail households, can not relax security. Because the operation of shops and business enterprises, regardless of the size of the shop, regardless of location near and far, regardless of the level of high and low, are inseparable from the "security" two words, there are different sources of danger. For example, the use of electricity with gas safety, flammable and explosive goods safety, security, such as security against theft, the owner of the car to pull out the goods delivery, as well as vehicles, personal safety, etc..

retail boss Wang filed the old story, a profound lesson. Last year the twelfth lunar month season, one night. Keep the shop upstairs alone, before the break, a careless, forgot to turn off the first floor cashier following electric heating (radiation, light), results in the middle of the night, smell a stinging smell, hurriedly went downstairs to see, but see the cashier flames flickering, thick smoke. He hurried into the water, and put out the fire in time to avoid a greater loss. After the fact: it is an electric heating or will not be used to buy a bottle of air freshener detonated, fire. Fortunately, someone in the store, found in a timely manner, otherwise the loss would be miserable.

there is a shop owner, every new year, into a lot of fireworks. Ordinarily these dangerous goods should be put in a safe place. Who knows he will have a roll of firecrackers on the Tukang "warm", the reason is damp firecrackers. As a result, in the evening, the temperature of the hot Kang increased, and accidentally ignited the firecrackers. Suddenly, a loud bang firecrackers filled, fortunately, the owner did not fall asleep quickly with the quilt cover, and later, the sound of firecrackers finished, a quilt is blown by the "black hole" numerous "flowering everywhere". Since then, the owner increased awareness of safety, no longer dare to do such a stupid thing, dangerous thing.

here, give you a cigarette retail Household mention: Spring Festival is the sales season. We do business to make money at the same time, we must do a good job of security. On the one hand, to strengthen the shop safety, the best professionals to store electrical wires, video monitoring, anti-theft door lock, a safety hazard investigation, found the problem, to be willing to spend money, timely rectification in place to ensure the safety, not luck, no danger of anything going wrong, Ma.

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