Venture no money Shenyang’s six supporting policies

most people now want to embark on the road to success is more or less faced with a problem, that is the problem of funding. After all, entrepreneurship requires funding. So, how to do poineering work without money? Look at the six support policies provided by Shenyang, even if there is no money, you can also embark on a smooth road to entrepreneurship oh.

social insurance

for business in Shenyang city (State restricted industries except), then the new jobs to absorb the Shenyang residence and employment of disadvantaged groups of employment of college graduates, each recruit a qualified personnel, to give employers a quarter of the actual payment of pension insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance by the government the cost of three social pool 50% of the total funds of social insurance subsidies. Subsidies for the longest period of not more than 3 years.

subsidies: one-time venture


has a permanent residence in Shenyang in the unemployment insurance personnel, retired military personnel, zero employment of family members, urban and rural households and low marginal households. The first independent venture in Shenyang area, receive a business license, or provide the normal tax exemption certificate, operating more than 1 years, the declaration within 6 months, to give a one-time start-up subsidies. Among them, the zero employment of family members, subsidies for urban and rural low subsidies 4000 yuan, urban and rural subsistence allowances marginalization of $2400, in the collar unemployment insurance personnel, retired military personnel subsidy of 2000 yuan.

business tax

to meet the requirements of holding "unemployment registration certificate" or "Employment Permit" personnel, self employment of retired soldiers engaged in self-employed, per household per year in 3 years 9600 yuan in order to limit the actual deductions that should pay business tax, city maintenance and construction tax, education surcharge, local education surcharge and the personal income tax.

entrepreneurship training

students to participate in entrepreneurial guidance, entrepreneurial guidance training and obtain a certificate of training institutions to give 60% – 100% subsidy.

subsidy policy: college students

eligible to be included in the Shenyang youth entrepreneurship promotion of entrepreneurial projects, through the assessment given 30 thousand – 50 thousand yuan interest free unsecured venture capital, amortization within 3 years.

venture loans: small secured

of the registered urban unemployed, comply with the conditions of employment difficulties, college graduates and other groups and comply with the conditions of labor intensive small enterprises, can apply for small loans to managers of financial institutions. The amount of personal loans is generally 50 thousand yuan, the maximum not more than 80 thousand yuan

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