Outdoor tent ten brands list

is to participate in a variety of outdoor sports, or a variety of large-scale outdoor activities, in short, outdoor tents in the current market, but there is a very high demand. It is precisely because of this demand, the industry will have a number of brands. Here, let Xiaobian for your secret outdoor tent ten brands list, so that you can have a better choice.

outdoor tent ten brands list NO.1, mobigarden MobiGarden: International Federation of Chinese district official camping brand cooperation, outdoor sports and leisure development pioneer brand, Ningbo mobigarden outdoor Co., ltd..

outdoor tent ten brands list NO.2, Pathfinder Toread: high-tech enterprises in Beijing, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games licensed manufacturers, large outdoor equipment providers, Toread Outdoor Products Co in Beijing.

outdoor tent ten brands list NO.3, Camppal camping Companion: specialized in outdoor camping equipment research and development / production and marketing enterprises, with strong strength, won many national product patent, Xiamen Guanhong Trading Co. ltd..

outdoor tent ten brands list NO.4, north face TNF: founded in 1966 the United States, one of the most widely Chinese influence on the market of international high-end brands, the world famous outdoor brands, Wei Fu Garment Co. Ltd. (Chinese).

outdoor tent ten brands list NO.5, Columbia Columbia: founded in 1938, outdoor clothing brand as a pioneer, the world famous outdoor sports product design manufacturers, Swire resources (Shanghai) Trading Co., ltd..

outdoor tent ten brands list NO.6, OZARK OZARK: in 1996 the Swiss Hans Shallenberger outdoor enthusiasts, professional outdoor sports brand, Beijing Olympic swarc sports goods co..

outdoor tent ten brands list NO.7, LUXE: Roels was born in 1999 in Hongkong, one of the domestic outdoor tent industry’s most competitive brands, Roels (Shenzhen) Outdoor Trade Co. ltd..

outdoor tent ten brands list NO.8, snow wolf Snowwolf: professional design / production of outdoor functional clothing / tents and other tourism products of the enterprise, the top of the tent brand, Ningbo Snow Wolf Outdoor Clothing Co., ltd..

outdoor tent ten brands list NO.9, Keller stone KAILAS: outdoor product design and development, production and sales.

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