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women’s breast is an important organ in women, female breast feeding women is not only the important organs of the next generation, but also to attract the opposite sex, showing important organs own sexy, many women want to be able to have a towering breasts, in fact, if can often on their own breast massage can play the effect of breast, here’s a look at what breast breast massage techniques.

, breast massage method

on the right side of the breast with his left hand to hold, with five from peripheral breast to nipple direction gradually rub, finally reached the Wuzhi nipple, so repeatedly rub rub 30 times, each time ten times, with the fingers to pinch the nipple to lift the breast 5 times, until the two breast rub after with fibrillation his hands holding the breast for ten minutes, this massage method is very simple, so regular breast massage can make breast more strong.

two, restore elastic massage

will be showing a right hand bowl hold breast bottom, after the two hands together, to work together to push the breast nipple direction 30 times, followed by the same method and massage the left breast for 30 times, finally along the outside of the breast to breast, alternating push pinch, repeated 30 times, so repeatedly massage the breast, can play a very good recovery breast elasticity, can make the breast back to the original position.

three, shake massage

standing on the ground, his shoulders relaxed, arms drooping naturally showing a state, so that the upper and lower jitter shoulders, arms and let the breast with jitter, can speak four fingers close together, with the thumb separately, hold the breast do these two kinds of shaking, massage for 2 minutes each, with a small hand thenar focus, from the breast swelling junction along the milk root to the nipple for high-speed oscillation push, repeated 3 to 5 times. Have a better sense of local heat.

breast massage breast enhancement techniques have? The above three kinds of massage on the breast massage, female friends can choose to use according to their own circumstances, regular massage on breast health and tall and straight can play a very good effect oh.

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