Signs can bring wealth to investors


sign is a public facility, is a kind of very common things in daily life, with the progress of the times, the development of science and technology, the sign plays a more and more important role, luminous signs with a strong advantage in the market in various industries has been widely used!

luminous signboard is a surface of coated with hard film plate luminous material, belonging to low display light source plate, the light emitting indication function not only has the common signs, but also has excellent emergency luminous function. Screen printing technology can be used to produce various types of images or content.

This series of products with

brightness beyond Japan Standard: "JISZ9100-1998 luminous safety mark plate" initial 5-40 times the brightness, afterglow effect far exceeds DIN67510  PART1  the highest standards such as the production of 50× the 80cm plate, the cost of about 30 yuan, the price of 200 yuan, 30& times; 220cm sign,  , cost about 40-50 yuan; the price in the 300-350 yuan, two days of production plate 10 yuan, each card profit between 170-300 yuan, such as production plate 300, the monthly gross profit in 300× (170-300  ) =51000 yuan.

At present, the vast majority of units with

luminous signs and brings convenience to our life, so it can bring huge profits for investors? As an investor, you believe that you should have a clear and definite answer through the above market analysis!


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