Zhengzhou bus reform a large number of buses began shooting

with the implementation of the relevant policies of Zhengzhou, the cancellation of official vehicles, resulting in a large number of public vehicles. For the handling of these public vehicles, the relevant departments to take the auction. So, what is the scene of these bus auctions? The following and Xiaobian together to understand it!

first car less than a minute to be bid 20 times

5 8 afternoon, Zhengzhou International Exhibition Center 2E exhibition hall full of people, more than and 800 people in the venue All seats are occupied. At 1:30, the auction official Kaichui, the auction of the first car license plate for A· 60W88; Honda CRV slowly into the hall, this time on the sidelines, surrounded by a lot of failed to get tickets for the audience, pushed the face of face, face close to the door.

"60 thousand, 60 thousand and 2, 60 thousand and 4, 70 thousand…… 80 thousand, 90 thousand and 4." This car registration date for the December 2009 CRV sedan, a shooting encounter hot. Starting price of 56000 yuan, in less than a minute to encounter more than twenty times the price of the call, the final price of $94000 to shoot the car.

for this price, Mr. Lee said he did not feel high, mainly feel affordable, buy government bus, because the car is well maintained, the second-hand car market car compared to the dragons and fishes jumbled together more reassuring." Reporters learned that this is also an important reason for the continued popularity of government bus auction.

in the first bus was spike, the public to participate in the enthusiasm of the auction also followed up up, followed by other bus auctions have also been a crazy auction".

auction site familiar faces many used car dealers to participate in the auction activities

interview, the reporter met a number of familiar faces, had participated in the provincial authorities to reform the bus system to cancel the first vehicle auction of the Zhengzhou public Liu, this time again. The last time no auction to the right vehicle, come here again." Mr. Liu said, see the day we participate in the auction enthusiasm so high, he is very difficult to estimate their Jianlou.

Liu told reporters that he also saw a number of familiar faces, and he was involved in the provincial bus auction. Followed by reporters one by one confirmed that there are at least 6 bidders who participated in the auction held last month.

reporter noted that, in addition to the public to participate in the auction, the auction site is no shortage of second-hand car dealer figure. The second-hand car dealer Mr. Zhao said, drill a look, can see hundreds of familiar faces, "are our circle of recommendation

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