nnovating agricultural development to take the road of scale intensive and industrialization

China’s agricultural development has entered the era of science and technology, modernization, want to win in the market competition, it is necessary to promote the development of agriculture to take a new road of innovation, the implementation of the new agricultural industry entrepreneurship.

Park to tea, vegetables, flowers, fruits, herbs planting quality, promote agricultural scale, intensive, industrial development, construction of a high standard ecological base area of 100 thousand acres, foster the introduction of 98 enterprises, demonstration county 53 thousand and 420 farmers to participate in the development of the scale of agriculture to entrepreneurship, employment and other forms. The annual per capita income of 10 thousand yuan or more.

2015 years, Puding County, the ten largest agricultural demonstration park of circular agricultural demonstration park. At the same time, Duobei tea industry demonstration park, friendly ecological tea industry demonstration park and Xing Dong national health industrial park approved as a provincial agricultural demonstration park.

with "Internet plus" development, China agriculture facing the further expansion of the market, reduce intermediate channels, reduce operating costs and the threshold of entrepreneurship, the future there will be more farmers to join the agricultural electricity supplier in the field, realize the transformation and development of traditional agriculture.

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