A gold mine inspired by 2 billion

inspiration is that everyone will have, will dream, but a lot of people will not use, you can imagine an inspiration can bring $2 billion market value? Don’t believe it, it might as well come together!

before even the rent can not afford to pay, and Robles, now has become one of the world’s most wealthy young man. How did Robles do in the story of celebrity entrepreneurship? None of this, however, is due to the delightful shape or the low price of his dolls, but to his sudden inspiration at a village crafts fair.

soon after, some buyers wrote to Robles, telling their "children", those dolls are bought back after the problem. At that moment, an amazing idea suddenly came into Robles’s mind. Robles suddenly thought, he is not to create a doll, but a character, the soul of the child".

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