Enhance the level of financial operations to enhance Henan into Jiaozuo

the economic development of a region, can not do without a better financial decision-making, especially in the current market environment, enhance the level of financial operations is a very necessary thing. November 21st, Henan Province, to enhance the level of financial operations, to prevent regional financial risks, the training of cities and counties into the city of Jiaozuo. In the morning, Liu Zhibin, vice president of the Institute of international finance, Henan University taught private equity funds and corporate capital operation, has become a topic of concern.

Liu Zhibin said in the field of training, private equity is severely restricted in Chinese, because it is easy to become private "illegal fund-raising", the difference between the two is that is oriented to the general public funds, funds ownership is transferred, if raised more than 50 people, and transferred to a personal account, is scheduled for illegal fund-raising.

in recent years, a number of cases of illegal fund-raising cases occurred in Jiaozuo, the loss of personal property of the public, a negative impact on the financial ecological environment of Jiaozuo. Public information, Jiaozuo City Industrial Company of illegal fund-raising case, involving more than 2 thousand people, involving about 310 million yuan of funds; 80 female boss of illegal fund-raising case involving the low mass, tens of thousands of people, involving over 1 billion.

, a district of Jiaozuo city in charge of a combat illegal fund-raising staff said, after contact with the illegal fund-raising case, the existence of "private equity fund" as the banner of deposits, but most of the grass-roots staff of the fund related knowledge not much, hard to avoid can not start dealing with the case.

to enhance the level of financial operations, Henan into Jiaozuo, the development of the city will have a significant role in promoting, we should not ignore. The opening ceremony of the training on the morning of November 21st, the Henan provincial government finance office party members, deputy director Wang Pengfei attended and delivered a speech, deputy mayor of Jiaozuo city Wang Xiwu speech. The training for a period of three days, the participants include the relevant units in Jiaozuo, the county financial work and the various types of capital market executives. In addition to private equity funds, training courses covering the prevention of illegal fund-raising, multi-level capital markets and other hot spots.

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