How to reduce the backlog of goods

to do business as long as the sale of physical goods, will inevitably lead to the backlog of the situation, once these goods can not be sold out, it is likely that the operator will bring liquidity problems. Therefore, the shop to do business, the store will inevitably backlog of goods. Some of the items in the consumer does not affect the second cases can be returned to find suppliers, such as small food, washing supplies, spices in shelf life before they can be returned. However, there will be some non refundable goods. How to reduce the backlog of goods? In the face of such goods, operators how to do?

clearance sale to reduce the loss of


if the store backlog of goods, discounted processing can be. If the backlog of goods a lot, it is necessary to set up a special retail clearance counters, all of the backlog of goods together for sale, to facilitate customers to buy. Although the backlog of goods in good condition, but there may be some out of date or the market share of small commodities, retail businesses do not sell. In order to be able to sell out, do not squeeze the working capital, must be reduced, so as to be attractive to some customers. Low price backlog of goods, will allow rapid flow of funds, but also boost the sale of other goods.

buy gifts to improve popularity

buy gift sales, although not return the principal, but you can handle the backlog of unsold goods, more important is to attract more customers into the store shopping, greatly enhance the popularity of the store. For example, a retail store into a batch of washing powder, may be the brand name is not loud, the customer is not recognized, has become the store’s backlog of goods. What should I do? The store owner later thought of buying and selling promotional strategies. At that time, there were a number of children’s bath is very popular, the owner of the washing powder and children bath collocation sales, did not expect the customer is recognized this way, also opened the market for this brand of washing powder.

dedication to love to win the reputation of

store some of the backlog of goods, although temporary sales do not go out, but they are intact, can be used. If they are donated to the needy, can help them improve their living conditions, not only cause waste of resources, but also dedicated to love, but also to win the reputation of the store, the customer’s recognition and trust.

anyway, since it has been caused by the backlog of goods, or to sell, let the money flow, or do some good things, not only let the goods have been used, but also can bring you a better reputation, so that the shop late business advantage. So, if you are a shopkeeper, you also encountered the backlog of goods, how would you solve it?

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