Anhui introduced a new policy to attract talent Entrepreneurship

in order to encourage innovation, the introduction of highly skilled personnel, Anhui Province recently issued a series of preferential policies, which is of great significance for the future economic development of Anhui province. Give full play to the leading role of the demonstration of high level talents of innovation and entrepreneurship, stimulate social creativity and entrepreneurial passion, I issued "some opinions" on further support for high-level talent for innovation and entrepreneurship, before the launch of 10 new deal, mainly from the financial, research funding, security services, policy incentives and other aspects of the high level talents in Anhui to support innovation and entrepreneurship.

"opinion" is put forward for the first time in the province to implement high level talents Easy Access medical services, medical and health units around the establishment of health service archives for the enterprise high level talents, designated more than three hospitals provide a convenient channel for the local medical. At the same time, housing, children’s education, employment and other aspects of the spouse has also been to protect the policy to solve the high-level talent of the worries". The establishment of a special contact service system, identified by the high level of talent, you can contact the service card to enjoy the relevant functional departments to provide entrepreneurship, work, life and other one-stop service.

High level personnel in the province’s leading

to increase support for efforts to encourage universities, key institutions, and excellent graduates in our province, innovation and entrepreneurship, this is the introduction of a series of preferential policies for the purpose of. "985" universities, provincial universities, research institutes and overseas students to outstanding graduates of Anhui lead to create enterprise, I focus on the development of strategic emerging industries and innovative business models of high-end modern service industry, preferred to give 100 thousand to 500 thousand yuan to support business incubation.


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