Angel investor Wang Tong for entrepreneurship and investment have my own way

entrepreneurship is now the most popular topic, everyone is talking about entrepreneurship, everyone has a heart of entrepreneurship. Recently, the entrepreneurial magic Institute held their first open class. Business School of magic is a practitioner of entrepreneurship education Lu Wei, launched the flight steward co-founder Deng Yongqiang joint institutions a entrepreneurship education institutions, mainly for the Internet and the field of mobile Internet start-ups.

in the open class yesterday, as the Magic Academy Manager Wang Tong made famous angel investors and venture investment "keynote speech, from entrepreneurs and investors perspective about the problems that should pay attention to the business before, are considering a business or business at the beginning of the road should be help, and according to the following order:

Wang Tong speech



1. Entrepreneurs need to have the quality

2. Some problems in the early stage of entrepreneurship

the best choice of familiar fields, from the strange field began to pay a lot of time and energy.

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