From 20 yuan into a successful counter attack of 2 million

20 piece of money can do, eat a bowl of ramen spent, but actually someone can use 20 dollars to start a business, and eventually become rich, from $20 into a 2 million! If this is a challenge game, I think few people can do it. Because if you think it’s not just the game, it doesn’t affect the rest of your life. But if you really only 20 yuan, really desperate, I think, this is not necessarily unsuccessful.

2013, leaving the school for nearly 10 years, during which I worked for a stable work of over 7 years. Because I am not willing to the status quo, job hopping, entrepreneurship, these things have let me catch up. During the experience of resignation, job hopping, the company closed down overnight and so on. Always feel that these are only in the television to see the plot, but it is true in my life. The most difficult time, I put the stall, but also in the family’s eyelids. During that period, the contempt of acquaintances, the change of the kind of view, let me understand a moment of truth – when you are successful fart also makes sense, when you do not succeed when there is reason to fart. After the stall fail again, I really go to ruin.

2013 just after the Spring Festival, the weather is still very cold. After the destruction of the Spring Festival, the wallet was finally defeated, the whole body can only touch 20 dollars. I picked up last night left half a cigarette, and puff, my aunt dialed a telephone.

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