Entrepreneurs wary of the transfer of the store’s ten traps

a lot of entrepreneurs to find stores, the basic is the transfer of the transfer of the store, because the store several times after the transfer, so it is difficult to avoid all kinds of problems. So, what will happen to the transfer shop? Entrepreneurs how to avoid getting into the transfer of the store trap?

A, hands are the landlord or the lease?

if is the landlord of rental space, then, to ask the landlord to come up with effective property certificate, according to the property certificate, the housing construction area, the structure of the check, to avoid the wrong person, real ones. If the lease is the transfer of food, must ask the landlord to discuss, points out what is what is the landlord, rental, three party check, issued in writing, signed it, can be deep.

two, the site can run restaurant?

Don’t just listen to the letter

three, "transfer shop" in the administrative department of historical issues?

to go to the tap water company, electric power bureau, environmental protection bureau, the gas company, heating company and other units to understand the water, electricity, gas, heating, environmental protection fee fee paid, if not paid, please transfer will pay the remaining part is completed, and will pay the invoice show, see confirmation copy for safekeeping. No water cut off gas, no matter what stop, can not operate.

four, "transfer shop" illegal record?

five, and former employees have economic disputes?

will contact the previous food related units and personnel to inform, catering rent >

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